everything you need to know about battery electric vehicles (bev's)

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There is an electric vehicle that will fit any lifestyle, depending on where you live and how you drive. The following advantages are some things to keep in mind when considering the switch to a BEV.

  • Advantage: Emissions-Free Driving - With no tailpipe emissions, a BEV can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lessen our impact on the environment.
  • Advantage: Instant Acceleration - Electric motors provide instant torque, which provides quick, seamless acceleration. They are also exceptionally quiet.
  • Advantage: Electric-only Range - Modern BEVs can travel further than you might think, which means you can travel significant distances between the need for charging.
  • Advantage: Lower Fuel Costs - Electricity could be cheaper than gas. Savings can be even higher if you recharge during off-peak hours. Even some stores and workplaces have complimentary outlets to get a top up on the go.
  • Advantage: Lower Maintenance Costs - BEVs have fewer mechanical parts than conventional gas vehicles, which can mean less service and maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the vehicle.
  • Advantage: Financial Incentives - Several provincial governments, as well as the federal government, offer incentives for the purchase of a zero emissions vehicle. Visit Transport Canada to learn more about potential incentives.
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Each BEV will have published figures based on standard tests. For example, the Toyota bZ4X Front Wheel Drive models have a travel range of up to 406 km, on a full charge and under ideal conditions.

However, many things in real life driving can affect how long a charge will last, including cold weather, how fast you drive, how often you turn on your AC or the heater. All of which can drain the battery faster.

Other factors that can influence charging times include battery size, how empty or full the battery is at the start of charging, the vehicle's maximum charging rate, and even outside temperatures.


Furthermore to the above BEV considerations, if you are considering an electrified vehicle of any kind, you can see that a lot goes into that decision. From where you live, to how you drive, to availability of charging stations, and more. To help narrow down your choice, try our Powertrain Quiz. And look at our full range of Toyota electrified options. There's sure to be one to meet your needs.

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