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Toyota's plug-in hybrid lineup

Electric vehicles are sweeping the nation in popularity, and technological advancement has made electric and hybrid vehicles even more accessible to Edmontonians.

Previously, hybrid and electric vehicles were widely considered expensive and largely experimental in concept, not to mention unreliable for Canadian weather. Thanks to recent technological advancements in regard to battery tech and electrical efficiency in the automotive industry, hybrid, and electric vehicles are more accessible, environmentally beneficial, and reliable than ever. Now that electric and hybrid vehicles are increasing in popularity among Edmontonians, which will you choose?

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How is a plug-in hybrid different?

How are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) different from Toyota’s lineup of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)? It’s simple. PHEVs can be optionally plugged in – enabling you to extend your driving range using electric-only power.

2022 Prius Prime

The Prius Prime’s electric-only range gives drivers the power to go the distance all while ensuring as efficient a drive as possible. Plus, the Prius Prime’s safety features allow you to drive with confidence – even during rush hour on the Anthony Henday. With the ability to travel up to 1,035km between fill-ups with a full tank and a fully charged battery, the Prius Prime is in it for the long haul.

2022 RAV4 Prime

If you love power and efficiency, you’ll love the RAV4 Prime. Boasting 302 HP, 0-100km/hr capability in only 6 seconds, standard AWD, and the ability to drive up to 68km on electric power alone, the RAV4 Prime is changing the game when it comes to electrified vehicles.

Toyota’s 2021 and 2021 lineups are electrifying enough, but with these Plug-In Hybrids in the mix, Toyota drivers in Edmonton will be taking things to a whole new level.