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Helping Edmonton drivers navigate the roads safely this winter with these winter driving tips

Not your average winter

When the Canadian winter decides to show its nasty side, Edmonton drivers are forced to adapt in order to get where they need to go. In 2017, there were over 20,000 weather-related crashes in Canada. By preparing, taking your time, and making some small changes to your driving habits, you can navigate your Toyota safely on the roads this winter.

So here are some valuable tips to give you the confidence to actually enjoy winter in Canada. 

Understand that getting stuck happens - it's okay

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, the snow is just so deep that it settles into places we would normally never need to worry about. 

To make sure you're covered when faced with being stuck, keep a duffel bag of warm clothes and a spare pair of boots in your trunk. If you often drive in rural areas, keep your gas tank over half full in order to keep yourself warm until help can arrive.

Take it slow

There's no harm in taking it a little slower when driving during the winter. An extra second of reaction time can prevent an accident. 

Aside from not tailgating during the icy months, (or, preferably, not tailgating at all!) a useful trick is to accelerate and decelerate more slowly; trying to speed forward from a stop will just make you skid. Slamming on the brakes will do the same. So it's important to slow things down.

Give yourself some extra time

No matter how long it takes you to drive somewhere in the summer, add at least 10 or even 15 minutes to your trip. Why? Don't forget the time you need to clear all the snow and ice off your vehicle. Or the fact that snowy and icy conditions demand that we drive slower.

When we have to scrape the ice from our windshields, we might find ourselves running late. In an effort to make up lost time, you may be tempted to drive faster. In Edmonton, it's important to take the roads slow in the icy months.

Winterization - it's not just about winter tires

To properly winterize your Toyota, it's always best to visit a Certified Toyota Service Department, like the service department at Edmonton's Toyota on the Trail. They'll know exactly what your car needs to be winter-ready. This may include a tire swap, winter windshield wipers, a top-up on winter fluids, a battery health check, and more. 

While some vehicles may not be ready for Edmonton's winter weather, Toyota vehicles are tough enough to battle the cold. Set yourself up for a smoother ride this winter with a winterization appointment at Toyota on the Trail's service department. With our expert service technicians and Toyota genuine parts you'll be fully equipped and prepped to conquer the snow, sleet, ice, and whatever else Edmonton throws at you this winter season.

Book an appointment with our service department to get your Toyota winter-ready today!