Is it Time to Get a Toyota Oil Change Edmonton?

Toyota Oil Change

Nothing is more essential to your Toyota engine than motor oil. Genuine Toyota motor oil helps ensure your engine delivers peak performance, maximum fuel economy, and outstanding reliability.

Motor oil reduces friction between the moving parts of your engine to help everything run smoothly with minimal wear. Oil also helps cool your engine so that it operates dependably, kilometre after kilometre.

Over time, motor oil breaks down and loses its ability to provide lubrication. That can cause engine parts to heat up, which may lead to damage. That's why it's important to change your engine oil, and filter, on a regularly scheduled basis.

Our factory trained and certified Toyota technicians know exactly which oil and filter is recommended for your specific vehicle. We use only Genuine Toyota Motor Oil, specifically formulated to the specifications of your Toyota engine. Plus, genuine Toyota oil filters are engineered to remove dirt and other impurities from the oil before they can cause excessive wear.

Proper maintenance with genuine Toyota oil and filters will go a long way in helping to protect your investment. And it will help ensure your Toyota continues to perform at its best, last longer, and help maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

So, when it's time for an oil change, be sure to contact Toyota on the Trail!

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The Risks of Delaying Your Toyota Oil Change Edmonton

As you drive your Toyota, parts move against one another. The oil helps lubricate these functions so that these parts don't grind together unnecessarily, causing expensive damage. Oil changes are non-negotiable, and without regularly scheduled appointments, your Toyota will be in big trouble. Or any vehicle you drive, for that matter.

If you delay your oil change too long, your car could lock up and your engine could not work at all. In order to prevent the parts of your engine from locking up, you need to have fresh Toyota motor oil. Skipping this service could--and will--spell disaster for your vehicle. In truth, it could ruin it to the point where you have to replace your engine entirely.

In other words: spend a little bit of money today to avoid spending A LOT of money down the road.

Toyota Oil Change Edmonton: Your Three Choices

Conventional Oil Change

This is the most common version of the oil change. With a conventional oil change we use natural oil that is good for 3 months or 5000 kilometres, whichever comes first. At that point, you should replace the oil and get the oil filter changed, as well.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-synthetic oil changes use a part of natural oil and part synthetic oil. This type of oil change lasts a little longer than a conventional change and is what most people get when they get an oil change.

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Full synthetic oil involves only synthetic oil. This type of oil change is good for 8000 kilometres, or five months, whichever you reach first. Full synthetic changes are best for those that drive long distances, that drive a great deal or that have older cars.

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Why Choose Toyota on the Trail for Your Next Oil Change?

At Toyota on the Trail, there's no need to wait around until your oil change is completed. We offer free service loaners, so you can drive around Edmonton in style while your vehicle is in the shop. Just let us know you want a loaner when you book your oil change and we'll get you set up. Alternatively, we offer shuttle service to your home or work if all of our loaners vehicles are being used.

But, if you'd rather wait at the dealership while we change your oil, Toyota on the Trail has a comfortable customer waiting area complete with coffee, water, newspapers, TVs, magazines, and more.

Ready to find out just how easy and convenient it is to get a Toyota oil change Edmonton? Contact our team at Toyota on the Trail today to schedule an appointment.

How To Check Your Oil

If you're driving a more modern vehicle, your dashboard should light up when your oil needs some attention. However, it's easy to check your own oil manually. This is especially important if your vehicle is a bit older and doesn't have an in-dash sensor for it. If your Toyota doesn't have a sensor, you should be checking your oil about once a month, as well as before and after long trips.

All you have to do is find the oil dipstick, pull it out, and wipe it clean on a rag. The location will be different for each vehicle, but it should be easy to find. Just check your owner's manual for its location.

Note: make sure the engine has been turned off for at least ten minutes before you check your oil. Otherwise, the hot oil could have expanded a little. The marks on your dipstick are optimized for cool oil.

After you have wiped the dipstick clean, insert it back into the pipe, then pull it out again and look at the oil level on it. Ideally the oil should reach the "full" line. If the oil does not sit within the marked range or is otherwise heavily discoloured you should consider bringing your vehicle in for an oil change.

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When to Get a Toyota Oil Change Edmonton

You should be changing your oil about every three months, or every 5000 km you drive, whichever comes first. However, this isn't a hard and fast rule. It truly depends on your driving habits and the environments in which you drive. If you often drive in cold, wet environments, you will not need to have your oil changed as often as those in hot, dry environments. Check with one of the factory trained service technicians at Toyota on the Trail for the best advice on how often you should get a Toyota oil change Edmonton.

  • Check your car manual for the recommended oil change intervals
  • Your vehicle's oil level could be low, resulting in abnormal sounds in the front of the car
  • If your vehicle is running unusually and constantly hot.
  • If the "Maintenance Required" light appears on your car dashboard, it is safe to take it in for an oil check

If you experience any of the issues above while driving, your vehicle should be checked out immediately.

Skipped oil changes can cause permanent damage to your vehicle's engine and decrease reliably and value.

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