Toyota Canada 2018 Dream Car Art Contest Finalists

Each year, Toyota hosts the Dream Car Art Contest around the globe, with winners in several different geographical demographics. For instance, Toyota Canada chooses its own winners right here in Canada, and we always get a kick out of seeing what Canadian kids see as the future of automotive. We figure you might enjoy seeing that as well, as there are some pretty bright and eco-minded kids here in Canada, so we've put together the photo gallery of the finalists' art below. Enjoy!

C.A.R.P. by Shijia, age 13 Live Green by Olivia, age 10 Magic Cake Car by Hansen, age 7 Personal Traveling Car by Liana, age 9 Savior of Life by Yu Xuan, age 14 The Mighty Toy Hospital by Aidan, age 7 Watertopia by Fiona, age 9 My Winter Car by Juan Miguel, age 5 Mobile Art Studio by Zhiyu, age 14

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