How's This Work? Skid Plates

How does a skid plate work?

Last month we took a look at one of the exclusive features coming to a certain new TRD Pro model, but for this month's How's This Work we'll look at a more general feature available on a multitude of vehicles including all three new TRD Pro vehicles. The feature in question? Skid plates, a necessary addition to off-road vehicles like those found in the TRD lineup.

What does the skid plate do?

There are many different reasons for a vehicle to have a skid plate attached to its underbody. When attached to smaller cars like sedans and coupes, they're there to enhance things like airflow and aerodynamics. They could also be applied to vehicles with low ride heights to prevent damage from "bottoming out." Of course, people could also just be adding them to non-off-road vehicles to make the car look cooler, but that's a pretty silly reason to do something.

The main use of a skid plate - and the reason they can be found on all of our TRD trim levels - is to protect everything that is normally exposed in your vehicle's undercarriage from the natural elements of driving off-road. All kinds of gravel, dirt, and other loose items can be drummed up when driving through off-road environments, and having the skid plate will prevent those things from irreparably damaging your vehicle's underbody. In this sense, they're an invaluable add-on feature that's too often overlooked. If you have any question, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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