What is the 2018 Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept?

Well, it didn't turn out quite as we had hoped, but we're still pretty excited about what happened in Geneva today. It was announced several days ago, accompanied by a teaser image, that Toyota would be unveiling the return of an icon at the Geneva Motor Show today. Immediately, enthusiasts new that it was going to be a new version of the Supra. We had hoped it would be a new production model, but in truth, it was the 2018 Toyota GR Supra racing concept.

What does this mean?

While this isn't quite as gratifying as a Supra we could drive ourselves, it does mean that Toyota is dedicated to a true return of the legendary icon. We don't know when or exactly what it will look like, and in truth we can't guarantee it at all, but we believe the unveiling of this race-bred Supra means that a production model for public consumption will be soon to follow. Rumors date back all the way to 2016 that a new version of the iconic Supra would be joining the 2019 model year lineup, so we have to keep our fingers crossed!

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New Supra Racecar

So, about the new GR Supra Racing Concept from Toyota GAZOO Racing... it's pretty incredible. It might not be the production model, high-performance sports car we were hoping for - though we can still depend on the Toyota 86 for that - this compact, two-door coupe is built to be the ultimate racecar, and will even make an appearance in the next update for popular racing video game Gran Turismo Sport.
2018 Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Exterior Driver Side Front Aerial
2018 Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Interior Cockpit and Drivers Seat

We obviously don't have exact specifications for performance or anything like that, but we know this beast is going to be able to compete. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress both of this racing concept, and the possibility of a production model Supra in the future, so be sure to stay glued!

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