Who is Lauren Woolstencroft from the Toyota commercial?

If you happened to watch the big final game of the United States' NFL season last night, then there's a good chance you saw the story of a brave Canadian woman's life. In case you didn't realize it or catch on, we thought we'd show you the commercial and dive into who exactly the subject of the Toyota ad is. Her name is , a native to Calgary right here in Alberta, and she is a multi-time gold-medal-winning alpine skier in the Paralympics.


"If I could describe my journey in the Paralympic Games in one word, I would say determination. It's been a wonderful experience partnering with Toyota on this global platform to tell my story of overcoming odds. I hope that my participation will encourage and inspire others around the world to pursue their passions and reach for their own personal best."

- Lauren Woolstencroft, 8-time Alpine Skiing Gold Medalist, Paralympics

Lauren's Story

Obviously, we're excited about the commercial because it follows the journey of someone from right here in Alberta on one of the most-watched programs in the world. We're not going to tell you an in-depth story about Lauren because you can watch it in the ad itself. But her story is incredibly inspiring and shows just how much someone can overcome to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

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